P          E          P               A            D            M            E            T            L            L          A

Learning and survival stays in Pietrasanta, Florence, Rome, Venice, New York, Athens, Cairo, Paris, Lisbon, London, Porto Alegre, Seoul, Copenhagen, Milan, Montevideo, Berlin… Art History Studies (UofG).

Master in Industrial Design and Development of the Product (UofG-UPC).

Master in Architecture, Art and Ephemeral Space (ETSAB-UPC).

Post-graduate in Ephemeral Architecture: Exhibition and museum montage (ETSAB-UPC).

Post-graduate studies in Educational Neurospsychology (UofG).

1986-1988 Artist of the contemporary art gallery ESPAIS (Girona).

1988-1995 Artist of the contemporary art gallery ARTUAL (Barcelona).

Since 1986 he has periodically exhibited (Egypt, Trajectory, Talaia, Express coffeepot, Die-Mundi, Memory-Night-Obscurity, “Le grand verre”, The invisible cities, Ratio-Emotio, Konst-Dest, Entrails and feelings, Tokonomas, Who am I?, from “K to N”, Zero distance, “Le grand verre”, Field of art, Admetlla-SCULPTURES, Stamps…, H-101, From cap de Creus to…, Fragments of a dome…, Dot zero, Piled up, Future Visions, Histories of the heart, The face and the mask, Architectues sommiades, Speed and…) in galleries as well as institutional spaces in Girona, Barcelona, Lleida, Madrid, la Corunya, Saragossa…, and in other countries: France, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Korea, Italy, Denmark…

Public works presented in cities like Athens (Greece, 1989), Girona (1995), Porto Alegre (Brazil, 1996), Salt (Girona, 1997-1998), Kwangju (South Korea, 2001), Barcelona (2003), Salt (Girona, 2009-2010).

Represented (in the 80s and 90s) in the Arco fairs for Spaces and The Seventh side of the dice and of Nice for Artual.

1988 Sculpture grant by the Council of Saragossa (Stone Workshops in Calatorao).

1988 Actitudes Grant for the exhibit KONSTRUKTION-DESTRUKTION 88 of the Youth Institute of the Ministry of Culture, developing the computer project at the department of graphic expression of the Faculty of Aeronautics (Madrid).

1989 Grant from the Ministry of External Affairs for foreign stays (Greece).

1993 co-founder of the Art workshop A.D.A.M with Jordi Amagat.

1994 Joaquim Franch Grant with the project “Democratic Education and aesthetic organization of functional elements of the Eiximenis School” with the CEIP Eiximenis.

1997 Josep Pallach Grant of pedagogical research at the UofG and City Hall of Girona, for the project “Dreams and Invisible Realities” with the CEIP Eiximenis.

Since 1997 in charge of the project “Architecture and surroundings” at CEIP Eiximenis.

1999 Selected for the grants of the Spanish Academy in Rome. Ministry of Culture.

1999-2000 Member (secretary) of the board of directors of ADI-FAD (Fostering of Decorative Arts).

2001 Member of the first Council of Arts and Culture of Girona.

2001 Second prize in the I International symposium of sculpture of Kwangju (South Korea).

2001 Selected for the FAD Architecture Awards in the Ephemeral Spaces category with “Passable Sculptures” within the exhibit “Utopias/Dystopias: visions after the wall” to Future visions 2000. This same year, he entered to participate in the Dossier Catalonia, artists and trials of Ars Nova (fifty out of one thousand artists in Catalonia).

2002 Selected for the FAD Architecture awards in the Exterior Space category for the collaboration of a project of public space with the office of Hereu-Spanish Architects (plaça Dr. Adler, Lloret de Mar) project selected for the III Biennal International Architecture of Landscape of Barcelona.

2003 Co-founder and director of projects of GATACA Productions E.A.D.

2003 Finalist and FAD Architecture award of the jury of opinion in the Ephemeral Spaces category with the “A garden in the center”, in collaboration with Daniela Colafranceschi (Landscape Architect), project selected by the III Biennal International Architecture of Landscape of Barcelona.

From 1998 to 2009 professor of Master of Architecture, Art and Ephemeral Spaces in postgraduates Architecture and Museum Spaces and Architecture and Crafts of the ETSAB-UPC and also participation in tutorial tasks and master dissertation jury.

He has taught courses, seminars and conferences in different universities and institutions such as: The Architecture School at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia of the UofG, (department of History of Architecture and New materials in Architecture). At the MD’A (The interdisciplinarity as an educative thread: “I Dream Invisible Realities”), the UofG Foundation (“Passable Sculptures- spaces of perception”), Art School of Olot, Department of Artistic Education of the Faculty of Education of the UofG, at the Institute of Science and Education-Autonomous University of Barcelona (seminars of teacher staff training), at the MIEB (Municipal Institute of Education of Barcelona), at the ETSAB (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona) the Master of Ephemeral Architecture and Urbanism Department, at the ETSAV (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Vallès) the Master of Interior Design, at the ERAM – UofG seminar on creativity and new technologies, at the Festival of Art of Porto Alegre (Brazil) within the symposium of Visual Arts Today: Form, Deform, Hybridism and Mutation together with Glòria Bosch.

He has also published pedagogical research articles (“Scholastic Perspective” by Rosa Sensat) and architecture (“Architecture, art and ephemeral spaces”, “Architecture, art and crafts” of the collection ARQUITEXT UPC Publications).

2004-2005 Closing a personal and artistic cycle, re-publishing of KONSTRUKTION-DESTRUKTION 88/05 with Paco Torres Monsó at the City History Museum (Girona)…

2005-2006 Co-founder and artistic director of the contemporary Art gallery NO+ART.

2007 An-arquitectures Gallery NO+ART of Girona and the Gallery Copenhart of Copenhagen.

2008 Video installation “VERSUS” together with Torres Monsó. Municipal Rooms, City Hall of Girona.

2008 Director of Projects of the Foundation “ATRIUM-ARTIS”.

2008 Subsidy of funds for the production of artistic projects and contemporary thought by the E.A.D.C. (Autonomous Entity of Cultural Diffusion) Generalitat of Catalonia for the project “Passable Sculptures-Spaces of Perception”.

2008 The project “The Articulated Form” at COAC of Girona.

2010 “Research Laboratory in the analysis and composition of the Architectural form ”, Girona.

2009 Co-founder and Project-manager of Nomas Land Studio (N.L. Studio (architecture, sculpture, industrial design and interventions in the landscape) with Angels Gudmand, Philippe Bürcher and Marc Riera  Arquitectes.

2009 contest AIPI Architecture Awards, Milan.

2009 Distribution Fundació UTZON park in Alborg, Denmark. “Bering competition” international architecture contest, South Korea

2009 Chapel apocrypha “B-C”, Girona. 2009 Capsula-CVMC for Dissonàncies, BCN.

2009 Conference and exhibition for Architecture and Fine Arts students “PASSABLE TABLE SCULPTURES” in the La Pecera space of the ETSAB-UPC.

2009  9 MONTHS 9 ARTISTS cycle at the CCM of Girona, City Hall of Girona.

2009 “Projects and forward-projects, notes on works not carried out (I)” Foundry of the Arts COMA-CROS, Atrium Artis Foundation, City Hall of Salt.

2009-2010 Co-director and coordinator together with Doli Guix (Educationalist) of the I Congress of CHILDREN’S ARCHITECTURE “Teach architecture/Learn architecture” at the COAC of Girona in collaboration with the department of architecture and landscaping of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

2009 “Mòdul CAPSULA  C-2” (Laboratory of analysis and composition) for Canòdrom 00:00:oo with Marta Masferrer (Architect) BCN.

2009-2010 Urban Space Design (Plaça dels Colors) and Sculpture “Chapel of shades, light and silence” for the Pla de Barris “SALT 70” City Hall of Salt, Girona.

2010 ”H-102” (The imperceptible Kantia) with Jordi Amagat, Valvi Foundation (Girona). Member of the board of Urbanism of the PEC (Educational Project of the city) City Hall of Girona, for the COAC District of Girona.

2010 “The other Veneces” (Contemporary thought and creation to the Metropolitan area of Girona), Foundry of the Arts COMA-CROS- Atrium Artis Foundation, City Hall of Salt (Girona).

2010 Co-founder of the laboratory-workshop spaceGAP-arquitecturSTUDIO for international projects and contests. Collaborator in tasks of project analysis and design with the Architecture BORGOS-PIEPER (London-Barcelona).

2010 Conference “The Articulate Form” within the ARQUIPINDOLES cycle at the COAC District of Girona.

2011“ MARFA / Dissolution and mutation of urban language- perception and belongings” within the Exhibit: FEAR AND DESIRE TO BE DEVOURED at BÒLIT, Centre of Contemporary Art, Girona.

2010/2011 II Congress of CHILDREN’S ARCHITECTURE  “Teach architecture/Learn architecture”.

I Prize at the National Contest for design of the stand for CSCAE (National Council of the Official School of Architects of Spain) – COAC (Official School of Architects of Catalonia) for the CONSTRUMAT Fair-2011.

2011 “Escultures transitables”, conference, round table: “Art, Paisatge, Intervenció” together with Joan Nogué (Principal of the Observatory of the landscape of Catalonia), Martiria Figueres (Landscape and Agricultural engineer), Josep Fuses (Architect), Lluís Sabadell (Performer Artist), El Puntal-Vila Showroom, Banyoles.

2011    Museum of Sculpture of Leganés expansion contest together with spaceGAP arquitecture STUDIO.

2011    Waterfront of Roses refurbishing contest together with spaceGAP arquitecture STUDIO.

2012    Bus Access and Terminal of Helsinki refurbishing contest in Finland together with spaceGAP arquitecture STUDIO.

2012 CUBE. Mexico, together with Ferran Valls (Arquitect)

2012/2013 Commission together with Glòria Bosch of the Exhibitions and activities at the Homage to Francesc Torres Monsó – 90è Aniversari “Anar fent i prou…” (Foundation Vilacasas – Can Mario, Foundation Atrium Artis – Biblioteca Factoria Coma-cros, Foundation Josep Pla, Caixa-Forum-Girona, Centre d’Estudis Catalans from the Sorbonne-Paris, Arts Centre Snata Mònica – Espai “BALCÓ”, Barcelona, MDA. Museum of Art from Girona).

2012 “abcq” Project – Girona town council.

2012 “Ensenyar arquitectura / Aprendre arquitectura” i Teaching Training workshop, COAC Girona.

2012 Chosen for the 7th European Biennal of Landscape Architecture with the project “Plaça dels colors” and the sculpture “Capella d’ombres, llums i silencis”. Exhibition at the COAC-Catalunya headquarters, Barcelona.

2013 “Intuïció-Curiositat-Creativitat…” lecture at the Medicine Faculty of the University of Girona, within the season DIVENDRES, CIÈNCIA I DOCÈNCIA.

2013 Exhibition “Estem enlloc”, Espai d’Art l’Abadia -showroom- at Sant Joan les Abadesses.

2013 Manager of the laboratory “i+d Art, Arquitectura i Pensament contemporani” C.C. Les Bernardes. (Girona Council – Regional Council of the “el Gironès”), Salt.

2012-2013 Exhibition and Project development of “Lletres toves de Torres Monsó, a, b, c, q” together with Andreu Carulla (Industrial designer). Girona town council.

2013 Exhibition “Converses sobre unes converses”, Museum of History of the City of Girona.

2013 7th Festival Pepe Sales – Sala Pati of the EMA. Girona town council.

Pep Admetlla + [A3 efimers] “Jardí en pendent – Refugi per a jove poeta”, contribution to the urban space of ephemeral architecture at “Temps de flors – 2013”. Sponsored by the Girona town council. Girona. Project chosen at the 17th edition of the Architecure awards of the Girona region (2014).

2013 Exhibition “HIC ET NUNC”. Atrium Artis Foundation. Cultural library factory Coma-Cros, Salt.

2013 Interdisciplinary workshop “DEL CREADOR A L’OBRA” about the creative process. Municipal school of Art and municipal school of Humanities. Girona.

2013 Participation at LLUÈRNIA 13 with a visual performance in a public space. “Lux màquina o Arquitectures de la memòria” together with [A3 efímers] and Lluís Hereu.

2013 Attendance as a guest student in the NEUROANATOMY lectures given by the teachers Joan San and Xavier Xifró at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Girona.

2013 “Senderos cruzados” contest together with Tallerdarquitectura at Roquetas de Mar (Malaga)

2013-2014  “Black hole o l’alè dels Déus” [after sculpture] Project. Work in Progress.

2013-2014 “Arquitectura per a un poema” Any Sunyer –homage- [after sculpture] project –work in progress-.

2014 Project “abcq”presentation together with Andreu Carulla (Industrial Designer). Girona town hall.

2014 “Projectes a l’entorn de Rilke i Valery” Project. Espai Animula. Barcelona

2014 Exhibition at “Arquia” contest in Girona together with  spaceGAP arquitecture STUDIO. COAC.

2014 Institutional sculpture, Carrasco i Formiguera award dedicated to the distinguished personality in the Cultural and Arts fields. Girona.

2014 Co-management at the First Conferences “Art, Architecture and Industrial Design” at Superior Technical College -University of Girona.

2014 “SUPERFICIES. From the virtual surface to the real surface” Art Cluster. Girona-Brooklyn connection.

2014 “Somni-realitat invisible”designs for the viaduct of Girona. Workshop at the “ECOSI” fair together with Tallerdarquitectura, Habitar_Grup research group from the UPC –Catalan Technical College- and Bernardes laboratory, Girona.

2014  Bernardes laboratory and Architecture College at the University of Girona. Propositional workshop and exhibition for the urban improvement by means of dialogue between Art and Urban Planning.

2014 “Studio AlkyTECA-studio di architettura e ingegneria” partnership

Currently is developing the project: “Laboratory research and analysis composition of architectural form – country and society “studies of creativity related to new technologies and traditional artistic projects of Art and Architecture and the “Descriptive Anatomy Workshop and Disease and Medicine in Plastic Arts” for students of  the Medicine University in Girona.