His work doesn’t claim to offer closed discourses, it reflects on and experiments with science, technique, architecture and art with complete freedom and rigor, not as one who learns a discipline, but rather as one who throws oneself into an exploration through a glimpsed and enigmatic territory.

Pep Admetlla, Girona 1962, is Sculptor and Industrial Designer, Master in Industrial Designer and Product Development [UPC], Master in Architecture and Art and Postgraduate in Museum Exhibitions [ETSAB-UPC], and he has studies of Art History and of Neuropsicopedagogy. From 1998 to 2009 he is Professor of Architecture, Art and Ephemeral Spaces Master ETSAB-UPC, responsible of “Architecture and Environment” project at Eiximenis school. Project Management and Coordination of “Teaching-Learning architecture” COAC [Official Architects Association of Catalonia]-Girona, Education Department and Architecture and Landscape Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He has been a guest professor at seminars, conferences, masters and workshops in different institutions and universities. His professional work has been recognized in: exhibition [Egypt, Le grand Verre, Konstruktion-Destruktion, Future visions 2000-“Utopies-Distopies: Visions després del mur”, An-Arquitectures, The Articulated Form, Fear and Desire to be devoured” “Marfa. Dissolution and mutation of urban language- perception and belongings” ], magazines and Art and Architecture books, monographs and papers [Konstruktion-Destruktion, An- Arquitectures / Passable sculpturtes, The articulated Form, 50 between 1000 Artists from Catalonia, Chapel of shades, light and silence, ON A Garden in the Center, Architecture, art and ephemeral space, Architecture, art and artigianate,  …], grants [“Actitudes” Youth Institute, Culture Ministry, Foreign Ministry for foreign workshops [Greece], Josep Pallas educational ressearch UdG and Girona Town Council, selected for Academia Española grants in Roma, Culture Ministry, “Passable Sculptures-Spaces of perception” contemporary thoughts and of EADC, Generalitat of Catalonia…], prizes and selections [one FAD prize of Opinion, the second prize in I International Simposium of Sculpture in Kwangju South Corea, several selections in FAD prizes, Selected at III International Architecture and Landscape Biennial in Barcelona. Co-founder of Nomas Land Studio and spaceGAP- architectureSTUDIO [architecture workshops]: Contest prizes AIPI in Milano, park planning in Aalborg Utzon, “Bering competition “South Korea international competition, competition for the Reform of the front of the sea of Roses, First Prize in the national competition for the design of the stand CSCAE [National Council the College of Architects of Spain] – COAC [colleagues of Architects of Catalonia] International Fair of Catalonia CONSTRUMAT 2011. Partner in design tasks and coordination with the study Pieper-BORGOS Architects [London-Barcelona], has also collaborated with: Español-Hereu architects, KGB architecture and design, Escriba-Nadal architects, BCR architects, MAD architects and others. He has got work in public spaces in Athens [Greece], Salt, Girona, Porto Alegre [Brazil], Kwangju [South Korea] and Barcelona. Since 1986 he exhibites regularly in galleries and institutional spaces Girona, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, Madrid, La Coruña, Zaragoza… as well as in other countries: France, Germany, Greece, Brazil, Korea, Italy, Denmark … He has also been a member of the First Council of the Arts and Culture Girona and member of the ADI-FAD directors board. Co-founder and artistic director of space Contemporary Art ART NO + and project manager of the Atrium-Artis Foundation, for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art and culture. Member of Urban PEC [City Education Project] as a representant of COAC, Girona. Currently is developing the project: “Laboratory research and analysis composition of architectural form – country and society “studies of creativity related to new technologies and traditional artistic projects of Art and Architecture and the “Descriptive Anatomy Workshop and Disease and Medicine in Plastic Arts” for students of  the Medicine University in Girona.